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What to Expect from Your Property Manager
  • Expect your Manager to be aware of their fiduciary responsibility to the Association and to do what is in the best interest of the Association. 
It is the same fiduciary responsibility that the Board of Directors has and is very unlike Contractors who have no obligation to act on behalf of anyone other than themselves. A fiduciary obligation represents the highest level of responsibility under the law. The Agent and the Board will be held to the same standard that applies to a guardian or person who has custodial care of someone else, or someone else's money.
  • Expect your Manager to professionally advise your Board on issues within their scope of knowledge and alerting the Board when consulting other professionals is prudent
Your Manager should be knowledgeable about your governing documents as well as local and federal laws affecting common interest communities. The Manager's role is to advise the Board on issues within their scope of knowledge and then, based on experience, to advise the Board when guidance from other professionals is prudent. 
  • Expect that your Manager and the Board will conduct business in a professional manner. 
You should expect that the Manager be professionally credentialed.
  • Expect your Manager to work with you to develop an annual work plan that provides clear direction to the management team and demonstrates strong leadership to the community. 
The Board of Directors and the Manager represent the leadership of the community. Planning sessions that produce an annual work plan should take place every year.
  • Expect your Manager to establish and promote effective communications with the Board and between community leaders and the membership. 
Establishing and maintaining good methods of communication between the Board and the Manager are essential.
  •  Expect your Manager to be a valuable resource for quality goods and services. 
Although the Manager may not directly provide many of these services, you should look to your Manager for contacts, options and resources to obtain whatever services and goods the Association needs. 
  • Expect your Board members and your Manager to protect privileged Association information and executive session confidentiality. 
In order to be a productive and mutually rewarding relationship, the relationship between the Board and their Manager must be one of trust and confidence. 
  • Expect your Manager to be flexible and willing to revisit service levels as Board or community needs dictate. 
To minimize misunderstandings, be honest with the Manager about your Association's needs and articulate what you expect the management company to do. 
  • Expect your Manager to establish and maintain a high quality customer service program for your community. 
Your Manager should demonstrate a commitment to customer service and an understanding of its importance in the management of common interest communities. 

What Your Property Manager Should Expect

  • Professionalism:
The Board should bring the same level of professionalism to the governing process. Be respectful of the manager's time by being prepared for meetings and arrive on time. Keep meetings moving and on track by sticking to the agenda. Ask questions prior to the meeting to allow the Manager time to research an answer. Be respectful when dealing with management staff and homeowners. Set a positive tone for the conduct of business. Encourage the positive exchange of ideas and diversity of opinion. Work to build consensus. Agree to disagree and attack issues, not the people who brought them forward. Exercise common courtesies. A little diplomacy goes a long way and the Board relationship with management often sets the tone for the rest of the community. 
  • Leadership:
Leadership is also about setting an example for others. The Board and the management staff will be held to a very high standard by the community. Understand that your actions and demeanor will be seen by the membership and will reflect on the community. 
  • Communication:
Communication is a two way street and key the successful collaboration between the Board and Management. 
  • Flexibility:
Remember, management is not a cookie cutter product. One size does not fit all! Different communities have vastly different needs that change over time. Every time Board members change, expectations and group dynamics are altered. The entire direction of the community can be changed with one Board election. Be prepared to re-visit the management agreement and realign service levels as needed.

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